A woman writing in front of a computer.

California is slowly rolling out a program to increase access to internet and computers

Governor Gavin Newsom gave an update today on the current state of public education and what is to come. 

The state is planning on providing free wi-fi and hotspots that will roll out the first week of May, and is raising additional funds to provide chromebooks to students to “bridge the equitable divide”. Regional Centers are distributing chromebooks in rural and isolated communities. City buses will also be used as super hotspots. 

Until the roll out occurs, the Governor’s website provides the following resources for free internet access:

Spectrum mobile has opened wifi hotspots and are working on assisting school districts with facilitating home internet access. 

Comcast has opened free Xfinity WiFi hotspot access across the country. Xfinity has also paused data plans, late fees, and disconnects for the next 60 days. Families with limited income can receive internet services for free for the next 60 days (usually $9.95 per month). 

AT&T has opened all public WiFi hotspots and will not charge customers for any late fees or overages. AT&T also offers internet access for $10/month for households on limited income.