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We didn’t really know if we had a chance with our case. Some years had passed and our son, now older, really wanted to initiate this to be able to speak up, feel empowered and make the school take responsibility for what had happened. Rosa – and the entire team at Hirji and Chau – made it possible and made it happen. They took on a difficult situation, giving us guidance and support, carrying the burden and the effort through all of the many complex steps it took. Rosa was a strong, knowledgeable, and fervent advocate for our family, and we got the resolution that we wanted. J.G, G.G, H.G. 2021
I cannot write a recommendation high enough for the Law Offices of Hirji & Chau. They are more than attorneys and advocates for our children. They really understand what our lives as parents of special needs kids are like. Every single employee at the Law Offices of Hirji & Chau is an angel; always displaying professionalism, working above and beyond for our families, and always with kindness. Retaining the Law Offices of Hirji & Chau services ranks as one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made.K.E.
To all that are looking for a light at the end of the tunnel…and wondering if one exists…

I never understood unconditional love until I had my boys. Today and for the last (10) years, my heart has been placed on my sleeve because my son has needs that I could not provide for him at home or alone.

These women Bonnie and Rosa, these incredible women have been my life line to hope, sanity and resolve! For me they have the finest, the ultimate qualities, character and fight in them.. they helped me help my son and it is ongoing. They ‘know’ the law they ‘use’ the law and they ‘walk their talk’!

Very few do I trust, but these two women and their team, I have allowed them to help me as they have held my hand, picked me up and carried my heart along the way!! The world and life is full of the unknowns that is reality. You want to get results, you want support and progress and if you want to sleep at night then this is who you want forever and ever in your corner, your rock. This is who you want representing you and your future, your sanity and the ultimate well being of your beloved child! This is the truth, this is ‘my truth’.M.H.

Dear Rosa,

I just wanted to thank you again for helping us get our daughter into a NPS. You have been a powerful, articulate force leading us through this journey. We have wanted an environment that would meet the need of our child for many years now. You helped make that happen. We are grateful!S. & R.B.

I am a parent of a nine year old autistic boy. The district had moved his educational setting several times in two years and he still wasn’t in an appropriate classroom. He was also being denied the services he needed. Jenny helped us through due process hearing procedure against our district with great knowledge, professionalism and dedication. The expertise that Jenny has in special needs children helped us to get the appropriate school placement and compensatory services to make up for what he had been denied. Her professionalism, knowledge and confidence during all of the proceedings were a constant. Also, it was a great help to talk to a person who understood the needs that my son has and responded very quickly to my questions or concerns. Without Jenny to guide us and fight for my son, he would never have been able to obtain the appropriate educational setting and services that he is entitled to but the district had not provided to him. I am extremely grateful.Alena Strickland, Los Angeles, CA
My school district failed to assess my son and had him in all the wrong classes and in the wrong school — for two years! With representation by Justyn and the team, we not only have my son placed in the best school for him, but also have resources to get specialized education that meets my son right where he is. Thanks!Chuck
Dear Rosa and Staff,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and care on behalf of our family and in particular M’s residential placement. First off, thank you Rosa for being so amazing and successful! We are so grateful our case settled with our goals met. As most parents of special needs child, we were exhausted and hopeless. It was Godsend to have someone fighting for our family. It was such a different experience to have you help us negotiate what our daughter needed and could expect to receive, rather than trying to figure it out on our own. You gently walked us through the whole process of entering into a lawsuit and completing the steps to settlement many times. Thank you for your patience! Your strength, guidance and kindness continue to be a lifeline for D. and I. Thank you for being there for us and for staying strong. We so appreciate you Rosa!D. and K.E.

Rosa, Justyn and team;

Thank you all for helping us to allow our son to graduate HS. Without your guidance and support we would have been lost.

With your help we were able to go after the district and get him to the place he needed to be. He’s now on his way to college. Everyone at your office has been caring and supportive.

Thanks again


In 2015, a vindictive teacher violated our special needs daughter’s IEP/ADA rights. We filed a complaint with the school district and as a result, the teacher went to a Judge – with the District’s support – claimed harassment and was granted a three-year civil restraining order. We were shocked and had to immediately remove our child from the school, causing incredible stress and anxiety for us.

We didn’t know what to do but were fortunate to hear about the Law Offices of Hirji & Chau, LLP.
They took the time to hear our story and advised that this was a case of retaliation and they were willing to represent us in dealing with the matter.
We couldn’t have found a better, more caring firm than Law Offices of Hirji & Chau, LLP. While they may be tough attorneys, they are also parents who care deeply for the wellbeing of children. They have helped us navigate the intricacies of Educational Law while being soothing councilors along with way. Have I mentioned that they truly care?

They have not only helped in bringing a Federal ADA Retaliation case against the School District, they successfully argued our Restraining Order appeal to reversal! Yes! They were able to get our RO overturned unanimously! A rare feat in law circles. We are eternally grateful.

They continue to help us with our IEP meetings and convinced the Federal court that our ADA Retaliation case has merit. Their knowledge of Disability and Educational case law is unmatched as is their empathy for the young victims.

We are so grateful to have met the team and consider them O’hana forever. As long as our child is in school, the Law Offices of Hirji & Chau, LLP will be at our side – and then some.


I met Rosa Hirji and Jenny Chau when my son was in his sophomore year in high school. They counseled me on how to get special education services for my son. Once the school district found him eligible for special education, it was an uphill battle to get appropriate services and accommodations.

Despite the services in place, my son did not make progress toward graduation, which affected his mental health. To make up for the school district’s failures, I funded classes at Fusion Academy and mental health services for my son.

The school district became hostile when I asked for additional services and continued to fail to serve and accommodate my son’s disability appropriately even after seeing remarkable academic progress at Fusion, my son’s grades move from D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s.

Rosa and Jenny filed for due process against the school district. After an intense nine-day hearing, the school district was ordered to reimburse me for funding his special education services, including tuition at Fusion Academy and mental health services.

Their advocacy did not end there. Rosa and Jenny also filed a federal lawsuit against the school district for violating my son’s civil rights under anti-discrimination laws by failing to provide him with accommodations due to his disability. They were able to settle the matter with the school district. I thank them for their tenacity and perseverance in pursuing my case and advocating for my son’s educational rights. My son has since graduated from high school and is now attending community college.

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