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July 31, 2020

If your child did not receive their IEP related services, you can seek compensatory education.  Here is sample language to use for a written request. 

To [Insert name of administrator of IEP]

During the time period that my child was at home as a result of school closures, he/she was denied a free and appropriate education because he/she did not receive the following services in her IEP: [list services].

Even when the school provided the services, he/she could not access those services because [list reason the services could not be accessed].

Even when the school provided the services, he/she did not benefit from the services, which caused her to lose skills and experience learning loss in the areas of: [list the areas that skills were lost ].

Pursuant to the March 16, 2020 Guidance from the Office of Civil Rights and Cal. Educ. Code §4350, I am requesting [insert # of hours] of compensatory services in the area of [ insert area] provided by a nonpublic agency in order to make up for the skills that my child lost during school closures. 

I have provided a chart that documents the above issues. 

Please schedule an IEP meeting to discuss the request, or provide a prior written notice pursuant to 20 U.S.C. § 1415(b)(3).