A person holding up a sign that says not today covid19.

Mental Health During COVID-19

Dealing with the drastic lifestyle changes caused by COVID-19 can be very stressful for both parents and students. In light of these changes, it is especially important that we protect our mental health and that of those around us.

Parents may find our new normal overwhelming, having to now take on the role of being schoolteachers and counselors, especially as they tackle topics that might be difficult to explain to children. We might overthink and worry about “what could happen” and “what if.” Finding coping methods can be the first step in dealing with this new anxiety. Jelena Kecmanovic, a psychologist for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, wrote an article explaining various coping strategies to deal with the way we handle anxiety caused by COVID-19.

In addition to protecting our own mental health, it is vital to observe our children in how they are dealing with this change. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Liz Mathei describes in an article the various symptoms of anxiety in children. Dawn O’Malley, a licensed psychologist writing for the National Alliance on Mental Health, writes about how parents can help their children cope and ease their worries over COVID-19 changes, all the while easing their own anxiety as well.

For caregivers of children with special needs, the American Psychological Association gives information on how one can ease the tension during these times.

The National Council of Behavior Health, in an article, offers tips on how to help teens cope with the anxieties that come with COVID-19.

Healio Psychiatry, in an article written by multiple health professionals, breaks down and explains the different effects COVID-19 can have on various age groups – from children to older adults.

It is important to be aware of the facts and not allow false information to add to our worries. The CDC has a handout to share the facts of COVID-19 and help stop the spread of misinformation and rumors.

If you or anyone you know might need someone to speak to, Helpline Center can provide telephonic/online counseling, as well as more coping strategies directly related to COVID-19. There is no shame in seeking for help, whether you are a parent or a student. Your mental health matters.

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