Violence Against Children poster

Managing Attorney, Rosa Hirji, authored a chapter on the School to Prison Pipeline, in this new publication

Violence Against Children:                  Making Human Rights Real

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This is what she writes:

The school to prison pipeline describes an actual and metaphorical trajectory for Black, poor, and vulnerable children in the United States. Children who dealt with the double barriers of racial segregation in schools and unequal educational opportunities faced, in the last three decades, a system of punishment that propels them into the prison industrial complex. Now, with the rise of neoliberalism in education, traditional civil rights that relied on state enforcement through concepts of equity and due process are less viable. The problem is not a failure of education policy, but has broader historical, social, and economic dimensions. Advocates can no longer rely on reforms in school discipline as a response to the school to prison pipeline but instead should call for the U.S. government to carry out its obligation to provide all children with an equitable public education system that will allow them to develop and reach their full potential.